The Good Life


It was one of our favourite programmes many moons ago – probably still is to be truthful – and for many years we used to bore our friends with ‘one day we will live on the west coast of Scotland and have chickens and all will be well’. In 2002, we finally made the move here and have experimented with growing and a small brood of chickens but it was in our move to this house in 2016 when we finally have made a bigger step towards becoming Tom and Barbara. The Good Life wikipedia entry says “Opening with the midlife crisis of Tom Good, a forty-year old London plastics designer, it relates the joys and miseries he and his wife Barbara experience when they attempt to escape modern commercial living by becoming totally self-sufficient.”


You might think it isn’t related to our pottery business and poetry writing but really, it is all connected. The joys of growing our own, and learning about foraging, are life-giving. Not only does it save us money, but it feels right to be caring for our world and also gives us some head-space, whether through getting construction work done with as much recycled materials as we can or the actual growing and picking. Now we work for ourselves we have more time and space for the physical and time-consuming work of growing and that in turn gives us time to think and plan about our future business. The money we save helps us to survive on our small business income. The chickens too bring us a lot of happiness but also lots of eggs and the cost of feeding them and keeping them warm is covered by our honesty box sales in the summer.


It all adds up. And makes us feel very lucky.




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