kids and clay

Most Friday afternoon see me and my Mum in the pottery welcoming in the primary school age youngsters that come along for Kids and Clay.

Some weeks we have a plan, to introduce some new skills and new ideas. Some weeks the children themselves have a cunning plan. And some weeks the two come together.

Recently I thought it would be a good idea to teach them how to make square box shapes and the idea grew to become a village… The children drew a building they wanted to make and we set to to construct each one. Check out our facebook page for what became of their wonderful ideas. The young boy pictured is glazing his house, made on his first session with us. Not bad, eh?

Of course, we didn’t stop there – our village has a river, a road, bridges, a pavement, some flower tubs, a lamp post, some chickens, some people, street benches and a street sign.

The village name is Claytopia.

(Of course.)

I just love children’s imaginations. Their freedom teaches me to be more free. Why should a bridge be brown when it could be a rainbow?

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