Sometimes, you look at things for so long and even make them for so long, and you forget what it’s all about and what you want to do. That happened with our boxes of ‘words to se you through the week’. We’ve made them for so many years and the hearts have got neater and more finished and w love them. Until recently, they got packaged in a we cardboard box with a blue label and the website showed them along with some complicated instructions on how to choose which words you wanted. However, I recently received some free business mentoring and she looked at them with me. Too wordy, not clear, a little bit unloved if I’m honest, even though at fairs, it’s one of our favourite things, to see people lovingly choose their words.  So, we’ve updated the website listing, after some engagement on social media where we stablished some good categories of words, to keep things simpler. Then, we scrapped the little box and made something much more ‘seatree’, a beautiful little palm-sized inch pot with the ‘words to see you through the week’ inscribed along with a soft, clear glaze. Beautiful and loved again.