Where did January go? I’m just emerging into thoughts about what to create this coming year and I want to bring more wonderful shape and texture from our corner of the world into our pottery. I set out on a walk today to capture some ideas and this wonderful ivy caught my attention – what delightful shapes! I wonder whether to try a sculpture, someone emerging into the year, ivy caught around her, but these buds showing the possibilities, the delight, the beautiful silhouettes to be found even on the darker days ..

Watch this space…

The other day on instagram, I reacted strongly to someone suggesting I look up what the colour of the year 2022 was. It’s a beautiful purple called Very Peri. Quite often, people tell us to go with the latest colour trends – hot pink, metallic copper, etc. Each time I (maybe) patiently explain that we aren’t trying to follow trends but go with what we see in the world around us. A bit pompous maybe..

So I eat my words, when wandering along the beach yesterday, I found so many tiny treasures – purple here, purple there, beautiful rich purples, pale purples..

Watch this space for some hints of this beauty in our humble work..

At this time of year, I soak into the darkness and rest (especially needed this year after a funeral and major surgery) but Chris just desperately seeks the Spring. We’ve taken down the Christmas lights but distributed them around the house to bring some cheer through the dark months. It all helps.

What do you do to help?

As part of the new year, we look forward (we’ve been accepted in four ceramic fairs so far!) while trying to rest into the peace..

Last week, we did a giveaway, which we do every now and the on social media as a thank you. This time, we offered a ‘driftword’ along with some thoughts about having a ‘word for the year’ and about thinking on New Year Graces rather than New Year Resolutions..

Wow, what beautiful connections we made with those thoughts! We had so many messages and comments on both facebook and instagram with thoughts, with stories, with gratitude. It all came flooding in as we drove down to England to Chris’s Mum’s funeral. We felt such connection with so many lovely people.

The winner on instagram was a fellow potter, not one we know, so it’s been lovely to make that connection. And on instagram the name out of the hat was actually one of our neighbours! We’ve had a lovely chat about how life has been for the last while.

We send out a seatree goodie with the giveaway and we cover the postage – and it’s worth every penny.

Hidden beneath the little spray of wire and bead flowers are a few cracks, so this girl just sits on a studio shelf. But she looks so peaceful. We are all a little bit broken and a little bit beautiful. On that note, we are moving into 2022 as gently as possible.

Applications and dates for ceramic fairs are being put in the diary but as a goodness, not a stress.. We so love the fairs, although there’s so much preparation to do, once we’re there we can enjoy the conversations, the relaxed evenings and the learning from other potters.

Let’s hope we can keep the balance of joy amidst the stress..


I have just listened to Woman’s Hour with a discussion about new year resolutions – and how this year of all years we need to be kind to ourselves, so what are the new year graces for this year..? Great question!

I love making these wee bud vases and other seatree pieces with single words – each word is taken from Chris’s poetry so keep it connected, even if it’s not obvious. I also make the ‘words to see you through the week’, seven hearts in a box with seven words – ones that we choose for you or that you select for yourself. It’s always lovely to hear why people choose the words they do, for themselves or for others.

Also, each year, I have been trying to set a word for the year – last year was ‘brave’ – this year is ‘light’. I’ve bene thinking about being a light to others, about looking for light but also – my new year’s grace – accepting light, feeling light, letting go..

What is your grace word for 2022?