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At home in Argyll

This photo was taken with my feet in the water, tears in my eyes, as I watched the ferry come in ready to collect us from the beautiful Iona to take us home. D you ever have that feeling, when home is where you are and yet it isn’t? I felt like that the first […]

Seatree on the Road

Here’s the poet – we know that what draws people to seatree is the poetry – hopefully enhanced by the textures, sketches and imagery added into the clay along with the words – and so we thought we would aim to bring some of that to you! We’ve been thinking of it for a while […]

Shopping local

This is just a little shout out for shopping local. Yesterday, before the rains came (at last), I had a wander down to our lovely local community shop. I counted my blessings as I went. The shop is owned by the community (you can read of the story here) and during the pandemic has been […]

A chicken related post..

It’s not pottery, but it is all part of the same story. We aim to live as sustainably as possible and rehoming caged chooks is one of the ways we do this. Here are two exploring our pond today, finding freedom in our rambling garden. It’s a joy to see. And we get lots of […]

Beautiful and broken

Recently, we’ve had an annoying spell of things breaking. Something new happened to add to it, which was flat pieces (for pictures) breaking in their first (bisque) firing – that was a shock indeed! Looking into it I discover the same old story – I’ve just been lucky so far.. What I should have been […]

Making cards!

We decided a little while ago to make something extra with our ceramics, something to make our poetry available more widely. It’s the poetry that appeals to many folk. A little while ago, we took a free appointment with google for advice on the internet and social media – I was wondering how to appear […]

No plain sailing..

Sometimes, there are such big things happening in life – family illness, bereavement, financial juggling, changing covid regulations, trials and tribulations and ups and downs.. however you want to phrase it all – but the other day it was creating these necklaces that nearly finished me (Michaela) and had me reaching for the job page […]

Websites and shops and all that modern stuff

Chris and I work together on everything seatree – like these clocks – and the website. Chris developed our website from scratch, very impressive, but as the years went on and the business changed and adapted, it became a little clunky with extra add-ons slowing things down. So, we applied to Highland and Islands Enterprise […]

A thousand thanks to all our crowdfunders!

Over the past few days, we have finally set up the display in our ‘shop shed’. This video hopefully gives some indication of where we are up to. We can’t say thankyou enough to those wonderful people who made this possible by crowdfunding us. It is incredible to think that others will invest in us, […]

open the sky and let some light in…

  (This post was first published over on Chris’s personal blog, here.) We live in a seemingly perpetual Advent. Not just because of all the early Christmas decorating, but because we are all still waiting; for vaccines, for ‘normality’, for release, for and end to isolation and for the possibility of touch. Strange then that […]