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PLaying with clay

After a few months of making for shops, commissions and fairs, I decided to have a week of playing with clay – here’s one of the sculptures I created. It’s a reflection on a poem by Chris about how we sometimes need to be low down, near the curve of the earth, seeing the world […]


Gratitude really matters. Today, I am grateful for.. the crowdfunders who supported us to build this wee shed for display selling our old house which funded our pottery studio (the green one) the sea view beyond the trees the poetry that Chris writes that enables all of this the people who support us on a […]

Imposter Syndrome

It can be so real. The imposter syndrome. It’s more than false humility. When we got into Art in Clay, our first fair in the south of England  and a large and well attended one that I have followed on social media for some time. The acceptance email came through and after thirty seconds of […]


This is one of my favourite pieces for a while, designed and made by me (Michaela) using Chris’s words and glazed by Chris. The line of poetry just makes me think about sitting on the shore in Argyll looking across to the islands. It’s lovely when it all comes together and reflects what was in […]


Isn’t this wonderful? It’s an unfiltered image at 10.30pm last night, from our son’s boat. We had just had a beautiful sail to the isle of Bute (in the distance) for fathers day, a pottery delivery and a game of cricket. As you do. These colours were hard to believe. It’s going to be a […]

Ceramics community

We’re home from a wonderful weekend at Potfest Scotland . We met so many lovely folks, friends old and new, people coming back to buy from us, people with beautiful stories, kids asking great questions.. We also felt a belonging to the wonderful community of potters. The Potfest team encourage working together, celebrating together.. After […]

Words are our thing! One of the projects we make are wee jars with poetry in along with beach finds. Little treasures. I make a line of poetry, write it down then once the sets are all fired, here I am… an hour later and still trying to make sense of the notes and the […]

Thinking big

This is my third attempt at a very large bowl. Once I finished putting the lettering and the textures and lines in, it went into a large mould and is drying nicely. The rocks and pine cone created textures for the bowl. I’ll be posting pictures once it’s finished. It’s my third attempt because the […]

Special places

You know how sometimes you don’t necessarily remember the detail of a place, just the feeling, the shape, the light..? That’s what I hope to capture in the pottery – this plate is of Toward, a bay near us. I doubt that anyone local would actually recognise it, but it resembles the way it makes […]

What do you see?

What do you see? My concentration face and the wrong pair of glasses. My daughter’s (rejected) school hoodie. My rings which I never remove for fear of losing them somewhere. A sketch in the background for a new commission. Useful tools – a mini grater for cutting angled edges, a wooden spoon for securing joins, […]