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Colour of the year?

The other day on instagram, I reacted strongly to someone suggesting I look up what the colour of the year 2022 was. It’s a beautiful purple called Very Peri. Quite often, people tell us to go with the latest colour trends – hot pink, metallic copper, etc. Each time I (maybe) patiently explain that we […]

Winter light

At this time of year, I soak into the darkness and rest (especially needed this year after a funeral and major surgery) but Chris just desperately seeks the Spring. We’ve taken down the Christmas lights but distributed them around the house to bring some cheer through the dark months. It all helps. What do you […]

Seatree and community

Last week, we did a giveaway, which we do every now and the on social media as a thank you. This time, we offered a ‘driftword’ along with some thoughts about having a ‘word for the year’ and about thinking on New Year Graces rather than New Year Resolutions.. Wow, what beautiful connections we made […]

Planning ahead for 2022

Hidden beneath the little spray of wire and bead flowers are a few cracks, so this girl just sits on a studio shelf. But she looks so peaceful. We are all a little bit broken and a little bit beautiful. On that note, we are moving into 2022 as gently as possible. Applications and dates […]

New year graces

I have just listened to Woman’s Hour with a discussion about new year resolutions – and how this year of all years we need to be kind to ourselves, so what are the new year graces for this year..? Great question! I love making these wee bud vases and other seatree pieces with single words […]


I bought a slab roller earlier this year and how glad am I that we could invest in that. It’s so very useful and saves me a lot of pain. However, a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t concentrate and rolled the clay almost paper thin by mistake! Instead of wasting it though, I decided […]

At home in Argyll

This photo was taken with my feet in the water, tears in my eyes, as I watched the ferry come in ready to collect us from the beautiful Iona to take us home. D you ever have that feeling, when home is where you are and yet it isn’t? I felt like that the first […]

Seatree on the Road

Here’s the poet – we know that what draws people to seatree is the poetry – hopefully enhanced by the textures, sketches and imagery added into the clay along with the words – and so we thought we would aim to bring some of that to you! We’ve been thinking of it for a while […]

Shopping local

This is just a little shout out for shopping local. Yesterday, before the rains came (at last), I had a wander down to our lovely local community shop. I counted my blessings as I went. The shop is owned by the community (you can read of the story here) and during the pandemic has been […]

A chicken related post..

It’s not pottery, but it is all part of the same story. We aim to live as sustainably as possible and rehoming caged chooks is one of the ways we do this. Here are two exploring our pond today, finding freedom in our rambling garden. It’s a joy to see. And we get lots of […]