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Team work

We are a small business, officially just the two of us. However, there’s so much more behind the scenes. Business Gateway are available for training and chats from beginning through development through to big stuff like exporting. The Design Trust are amazing in their insights into creative businesses, wonderful monthly updates and courses you can […]

When it comes together

This piece is, as usual, a poem of Chris’s. It is very satisfying to use the whole poem on a ceramic artwork. I love this poem. it is so vulnerable and so gentle. When I let the words flow down the clay and then wanted to allow a flow of lines too, rather than a […]

AI usefulness!

This week marked the first dive into the use of AI for seatree argyll. Emily discovered a wonderful app (is it an app?) that you can use to stage photographs – not just the ones where you pick a setting and struggle to ,make your picture fit in, but one where you describe what you […]

Words to see you through

Sometimes, you look at things for so long and even make them for so long, and you forget what it’s all about and what you want to do. That happened with our boxes of ‘words to se you through the week’. We’ve made them for so many years and the hearts have got neater and […]

Balance is where it’s at

I recently did a blog post about balance – promoting my small creative business support mentoring. Learning new skills, like photography and invoices, doing the making you set out to do, spending time with family and friends, updating your website, social media and mailing list – pretty much a one-person job! There’s not as much […]

This image portrays a few things to me.. Community – we have an exchange where folks in the village bring us shells and sea glass in exchange for a little pot of poetry. Learning – doing a course on product photography and learning how to use the ‘big’ camera Hard work – having to change […]

Being famous..

We got interviewed recently by the lovely Sophie Campbell in her monthly feature of ‘our creative life’. You can read it here! Mixing pottery with poetry – seatree | A Creative Life Sophie does copywriting and you can see what she has to offer on her website link above – she also sells literary treats on […]


It’s one thing developing our skills in writing poetry and making pots but there is so much more to sustaining this as a business – learning all about social media, how to approach galleries, how to write a newsletter and build a mailing list – how to set up at craft fairs… the list goes […]

Sustainable living

Okay, this isn’t pottery but it symbolizes our life and our attempt to live as sustainably as possible. Making our own pottery and making a living from that pottery is a life-giving thing – we don’t have a lot of extra cash, but we pay the bills and have enough. We can be very caught […]

Nature unfolding

I made this sculpture in the first lockdown, from a mirror and old wire found in the garden, with a small figure, wrapped in nature – resembling the joy and comfort that we found during the ‘great silence’ but the chaos that went on around us. It’s hard to remember those days so I am […]