Gratitude really matters. Today, I am grateful for..

the crowdfunders who supported us to build this wee shed for display

selling our old house which funded our pottery studio (the green one)

the sea view beyond the trees

the poetry that Chris writes that enables all of this

the people who support us on a daily basis through social media or sales or encouragement

family and friends

blue skies

What are you grateful for today?

It can be so real. The imposter syndrome. It’s more than false humility. When we got into Art in Clay, our first fair in the south of England  and a large and well attended one that I have followed on social media for some time. The acceptance email came through and after thirty seconds of elation , the doubt struck and I kept checking my emails expecting them to say, sorry we just emailed the wrong person. That feeling hasn’t quite left until the publicity began in earnest more recently. I read a little while ago that imposter syndrome only occurs when you know and understand the standard expected of you – and that allows you to work up to that. So I am taking that on board and aim to mark work we’re proud of. Stay tuned!

This is one of my favourite pieces for a while, designed and made by me (Michaela) using Chris’s words and glazed by Chris. The line of poetry just makes me think about sitting on the shore in Argyll looking across to the islands. It’s lovely when it all comes together and reflects what was in my mind. I’ve just updated the website shop and added it in, if you’re interested!