Chris and I work together on everything seatree – like these clocks – and the website. Chris developed our website from scratch, very impressive, but as the years went on and the business changed and adapted, it became a little clunky with extra add-ons slowing things down. So, we applied to Highland and Islands Enterprise for a grant to update our website and our technological capabilities in general. This came partly from the pandemic too, needing to adapt further. we really needed an online shop and a website we were proud of and that reflected the new developments in our business model – like the workshop in a tin idea.

We are so grateful to HIE for approving our grant and after research we chose a local artist who also develops websites – she inspired us with her vision of what the website could look like – and it is very lovely!

It seemed like such a long time between getting the grant and launching the website, but we got there and it is so easy now for us to keep the web shop updated. We hope you like it. We sent a link out to some volunteers from our mailing list to check it over – we have so much to be thankful for!

We’ve had lovely feedback and we hope that conversation will continue…