Here I am, joining the younger generation and using my phone to snap a record of what I’m doing. This is of part of an order for a local shop. The reason I snapped a photo is so that I can be sure to remove the pieces from the website shop and will be able to record sales more efficiently as I go along. There is so much admin involved in running a business! We’ve recently done an open studios event and there is a regular comment of how lucky we are to be working in the pottery all week, but in reality two days of pottery is two days of admin! Luckily, I quite enjoy that too!

Last week the sun shone which meant it was much easier to get the dusty and unhealthy jobs done outside, including making up new glazes. We order a large batch of glazes every now and then and always try one new one. Sometimes it works and fits in well, often it doesn’t! There are a number of ways to make a glaze – sometimes with all the chemicals and oxides carefully weighed and measured, following a tried and tested recipe (the cheapest but most time-consuming way), sometimes a shop-bought glaze in a pot, ready mixed (the most expensive way), or the middle ground – to buy a powdered version of the glaze you like and weigh and measure it out, making using a sieve, with glaze medium. That’s what’s happening here. It take s awhile and makes a mess but I do love doing it. It’s very satisfying! Watch this space for the finished result.

Here’s a glimpse of our stall set up last weekend at Sheffield Ceramics Festival, which was a lovely event. The organisers were brilliant even down to working out the best place for our stall, with us needing boards behind to display the ceramic artworks. It was a little dark in the hall so we went out and bought some extra fairy lights to add some extra sparkle. We met so many lovely people and the last person to visit the stall said, “I am completely blown away. I don’t usually cry at pottery. I work with humans and cry with humans and the humanity of this stall has got me.” How wonderful!