I bought a slab roller earlier this year and how glad am I that we could invest in that. It’s so very useful and saves me a lot of pain. However, a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t concentrate and rolled the clay almost paper thin by mistake! Instead of wasting it though, I decided to let it fold into the shape it wanted to, when I picked it up. I let it dry as it was. Then I wondered how on earth to glaze so many folds! But, I did it and here is the end result. I hope you like it. Chris is framing it. I feel quite proud of such a random piece of work! That may sound foolish, but I don’t always find it easy to just relax and go with the flow…

The dancing waves…

This photo was taken with my feet in the water, tears in my eyes, as I watched the ferry come in ready to collect us from the beautiful Iona to take us home. D you ever have that feeling, when home is where you are and yet it isn’t? I felt like that the first time we came to Scotland and the power of that feeling grew with each visit, till eventually we had to move here to stop the feeling of homesickness.

Chris saw my tears and said ‘oh oh, does this mean another move..?’

But we are already home. We live in Argyll, of which Iona is a part. It is all beautiful. We are blessed indeed. The colours, the textures, the peace.. We hope you see this in our work and hear it in our poetry.

We’d love to know where home is for you..

Here’s the poet – we know that what draws people to seatree is the poetry – hopefully enhanced by the textures, sketches and imagery added into the clay along with the words – and so we thought we would aim to bring some of that to you! We’ve been thinking of it for a while and you-know-what got in the way, but we feel we can start to branch out and plan ahead a little again.

We are thinking.. poetry readings, poetry workshops, putting words in clay, having seatree pottery for sale along with poetry books (more of that in an upcoming post).. any or all of those, whatever suited you and your friends or family.

Do give us a shout and we can tailor an event for you.