Now we run our own business, I am trying to get better at giving feedback to people that I buy from as I now realise what a difference it makes to small businesses and individual makers.

It’s so lovely (and a relief) to get good feedback on our Etsy page. Sometimes we get emails – I always open them with trepidation – did it break in the post, do they not like it… and thankfully (mostly) I worried unnecessarily and the email is to say thank you.

My favourite feedback though comes in the form of a card – imagine taking the time to make or buy a card, write in it, head to the post office. So lovely. Here’s a little selection of cards we’ve received, including a brilliant one designed and posted to us from a family who were visiting on holiday.

The plan was for the three of them to make something unique for themselves. While chatting at the beginning – do you like making things, have you done pottery before, is there anything in particular you would like to make – the Dad mentioned that when he was at primary school he made a mole. Lucky him, I said, having never had the opportunity to do pottery until I was in my forties. However, the story took a turn for the worse as his father had thrown the mole out of the window to scare a cat out of the garden and the mole smashed.  So we hatched a plan to remake the mole. Sometimes I have to think on my feet!

Here you can see the mole which features on the thank you card along with their message – such a lovely thing!


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