you are wrapped up in me.jpg

This piece was made for a lovely and very patient customer this summer after she saw one of our poetry people pieces on instagram and loved the words in one of Chris’s poems. It was for her husband and was a surprise gift with a special story.

I made the wee poetry people very loosely based on a photo she sent to me, so the height and hair were along the right lines. I’m no sculptor so couldn’t promise a likeness, but wanted them to reflect the lovely couple. Unfortunately, and you learn lessons all the time, she had quoted the first line of the poem so the first one I made just had that line, but it was the whole poem that she wanted so it got remade. Lesson learned, always double check I understand a customer fully before launching in. Once the customer finally received the piece, she sent me a lovely photo of it in place in their home. I love making things that have a meaning and Chris’s poetry brings words of hope, comfort, challenge, joy…

It was Cowal Open Studios recently and it was so lovely sharing conversations with people about what they saw in the words and images in our ceramic pieces. Thank you everyone for being a part of the seatree story with us. It keeps us going.