We may have mentioned before that we love commissions. We don’t always say ‘yes’ as sometimes it really doesn’t fit what we do but often we can say ‘yes’. It takes a lot of extra work as we to and fro about design and thoughts and colours and ideas..

Here is a slab of clay.. Not very exciting but watch this space for development. This will become a panel of three pieces, that will be framed together. There are the client’s chosen lines from Chris’s poetry, a wise old tree and some slender trees around it, some birds swooping, a river sweeping beneath the words..

The clay is currently stretched out on some canvas in order to dry. That makes it easier to put the lettering in and to draw into the clay without lumps causing issues in the pattern. Patience is a virtue..

Well, here it is, 2022 and covid in the household. I am self-isolating and the rest of the family are staying away from others and still testing every day but are negative just now. I’ve spent some of my self-isolation time today speaking to my oldest pal, Ali, who is recovering from an aneurysm and stroke. She was writing a list with her good hand of all the things that needed to be done and I encouraged her to also be writing a list of things to be grateful for. So I am going to do the same..

Things I can’t do that need doing..

Visit family on Skye

Give my family hugs

Make two commissions that came in this week

Spend time with my friend with dementia

Photograph the work just out of the kiln

Things I am thankful for..

Having family that I love to be with

Have family that care about me regardless

Time to dream and write and plan

Use the phone, and the internet to keep in touch

Time to relax without being ill

What are your lists?

Well, we’ve had great news recently of getting into a number of ceramics fair which is very exciting and then terrifying! We’re mostly excited though! So, it’s all systems go and we’ve had the help of Em and James today. Emily has her own ceramics business and we have an exchange of time, so that for every hour she helps, she gets an hour back to work on her own pots. James is joining in the fun and will be doing some experimenting with his own work! Here’s the crew for today..

Chris, cutting and shaping clay..

James outside, rolling the clay into slabs..

Emily making up a jug after I put the poetry in.

We got so much done, we didn’t have enough rolled clay left for more making..!