During these strange and dark days of lockdown due to COVID-19, our house has been full. Our son Will and daughter Emily both live on boats, in a boatyard that has closed, so both of them have come home, along with Em’s boyfriend James. We feel deeply blessed because whilst many of us are struggling with lonliness and isolation, we have our closest family around us. The unfairness in the world is being exposed by this virus, so I think it is right to be able to express our gratitude for the good things when they come to us.

Anyway, Emily has long helped out in the pottery when she has been around so is well used to clay. This period of lockdown has been the ideal opportunity for her to revive her clay creativity, so much so that she is planning to carry on potting, as part of a West Coast mixed income- in her case, probably including teaching fiddle, working on boats and goodness knows what else. It is the Argyll way!

We love the way that everyone brings their own personality to potting, and Emily is no different. She brings a riot of colours along with an almost obsessive attention to detail, which will be no surprise to those who know her. Emily also loves plants- and originally started making pots for succulents and cacti, so these theme will also come through her work.

You can check out and buy some of her work in our shop, as part of a flash sale, running for two days from today. Grab them while they are hot!

The way to find her work is to go to our web store and look for the category ‘Emily’s pots’.

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