If we were not going to do it now, we never would…

When the Great Silence began, we worried about all the usual things. Our income was based on three things; workshops, galleries and the big ceramics fairs. All three were cut off at the knees. What should we do? How could we survive? Michaela in particular, who has much more of a business head than I (Chris) will ever manage, felt a burst of anxiety.

But we are far from alone. Many of our friends are in the same situation- some much worse. We started to talk about other ways to do business. More than that we began to wonder whether this awful pandemic, which is coming at such a cost to so many, might also be a huge opportunity for many of us to sit back and take stock… after all, the the planet needs us all to do this more than ever.

In the middle of it all, I wrote this;



in the old way of thinking, change

comes only through Great Love, or


Great Suffering – but both are hard, both

will break us apart, if we let them


then (like third part of trinity) came

the Great Silence.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was to let people know, if you do not already, that we have been very busy on our website shop.

Previously we had used a plug-in that posted our Etsy feed onto the website. It was clunky, awkward and did not look very nice. It also made the process of selling anything laborious and quite expensive for us. In the end, after a LOT of work (because I don’t really know what I am doing) I used something called woocommerce, which actually is pretty easy if you have done anything at all with wordpress before. It all takes a lot of time though.

So, whatever the world will look like the other side of all of this (and I hope it will be very different) we now have a way to trade that is not dependent on face to face interactions.

Although we hope that soon, these will be possible too.

Here are some random pics of pieces I have uploaded. Get them before they go!

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