That saying about the cobbler’s kids… I think it’s something like, ‘the cobbler’s children never have shoes’.

It’s a bit like that in our house with a half-tiled kitchen for many months, but it is now finished, even grouted. Tiles are very simple to make really, once you have a design. This is the water, hills and birds seen from our kitchen window but it my favourite red (ish) glaze. 

I have a tile cutter, so there’s really no excuse for taking eighteen months to make these…

Once the clay is rolled out, using guides to make them the same width, they need smoothing, using a rubber kidney that is my favourite tool and a damp sponge for the edges. The design was etched in with a stick and then the tiles are layered between pieces of plasterboard – the most useful stuff, gathered every now and then when anyone does a house build or renovation! It helps the clay dry evenly and flat. Once dry and fired, they are glazed and fired again. And then, they make it onto the kitchen wall!
Well, here they are anyway – what do you think?

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