Cowal Open Studios happens every year in the last weekend of September. we have taken part for a few years and enjoy it every year. The dining room becomes a display space. The pottery and woodshed get a big tidy up. Folks drift in over the four days that it runs but with thirty-nine artists people can’t get to every studio. The Cowal Open Studios team work so hard for many months every year putting together routes for people to follow and the beautiful brochure and website.

Some people that arrive really wish to see the work-spaces – getting to see behind the scenes, where the craft happens. Some people are less interested and really want to see and maybe buy the finished articles. Either way it leads to interesting conversations, catching up with local folks or meeting people who have travelled across Scotland or even internationally. Some people exchange their own crafting stories and some want to sit and drink tea and enjoy the view. By the end of the four days we are usually whacked but fulfilled.

It may be that you can’t plan to be here in beautiful Cowal for our Open Studios but I would highly recommend finding your own in your area. It is great to meet artists, get a sneaky look behind the scenes and meet other folks travelling your way. It’s the only downside of doing our own – we miss all of that!


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