​​It might sound a bit cheesy but I do think it’s great that Chris and I can work together on our Seatree crafts. It started with my pottery and his driftwood being pulled together for the fish and shoals. I was also making my ‘words to see you through the week’ – single words imprinted into ceramic hearts. Seeing how lovely the words looked in the clay, I decided to see if I could incorporate Chris’s poetry into the pottery – rather a lot more words but the poetry plaques seemed to really come together with Chris’s words and some simple imagery.


​I have been developing this style into some 3D pieces, as I have mentioned in an earlier blog post. Chris continues to write, so I will be able to add new poems to the range. In the meantime though he is writing a novel, which is so far beautiful in my opinion. You can see excerpts on his blog – thisfragiletent.com – and some of his poetry as it gets written.

Chris writes from a deep experience and finds words that express what life brings to so many of us and in ways I could not use myself. Yesterday someone collected a poem and described her life events and how the words of a particular poem that Chris has written have become a life-raft. Beautiful.


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