our poetry

All the poetry used on seatree pieces is our own, written by Chris (some of his books are available here.)

As such, all of our work is tied to a process of creativity that might begin on a clifftop, or in a forest, perhaps many years before we commit the words to clay. We have come to deeply appreciate the way that words shape us, as much as they give shape to our pottery.

‘see, I am making all things new, even you’

language of the spirit

Poetry is a language of the spirit, allowing us to express what might otherwise be inexpressible. We think that poetry is not primarily about self-expression (although it can be helpful in that regard) rather it is about connection.

Chris has published his poetry in a number of books as well as editing collections of other poets.

‘joy is a squirrel transcending a tree – it is music played directly on the spine’

words to inspire

‘how is it that still, you love things by becoming them?

how was it that this brown-skinned man with the heart of a woman

took upon herself another name for everything, so we could

encounter her in all these beautiful things and bleed with her when she

lies broken? and just when all seems lost, she whispers still – see, I am making all things new – even you’

poetry events

We love sharing the creative writing process with others in the form of poetry workshops, readings and one-off events.

We have run one-off poetry workshops, as well as a series of events for community groups.

We have also put together a number of days in which we have combined both poetry and pottery – giving time for people to write, then use words in clay.

We have collaborated with other artists to take poetry out on the road.

If you would like to find out more, please get in touch .

‘the air is harrowed by the song of birds – each note a spore’


chris is a long time blogger, writing around themes of spirituality, poetry, theology, ecology, politics and all sorts of other ways to get out of doing actual work.  Click HERE for more….

pottery experience

we run year-round classes and workshops for those who want to get their hands on some clay.  whether you are a complete novice or want to brush up your skills, we have something for you. Click HERE for more…

Where are we

we participate in a number of regular exhibitions and work with galleries up and down the country.  Click HERE for more….


we have produced a number of commissions including particular scenes and poetry for wedding gifts, ceramic art pieces for new births and requests for certain landscapes in ceramics. our pieces bring together the beauty of words and spaces and it is wonderful when people approach us to create something just for them.  Click HERE for more…

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