Taken a few short weeks ago on a walk up into the Cowal hills during a snow storm. The sun was just starting to find a way through…

What a time this has been. We are just days into the ‘lockdown’ and it’s been a whirlwind of emotion for me (Michaela). Chris has enjoyed the rise of Spring, loves isolation and having family around with projects he can help with, so he’s settled in well.

I’ve missed people popping in or coming for workshops or to chat pottery, but loved having the family home. I’ve lost my thread with no deadlines for orders, but loved having time to create without them too. I’ve panicked about money with almost all our income disappearing but then remembered how to share the little we have. Sometimes, life feels normal as we work at home anyway and then I remember, it’s all very strange indeed. I’ve felt overwhelmed by news but after deciding not to listen to radio 4 anymore, I’ve discovered wonderful dramas and hilarious comedies on BBC Sounds. The new normal – no visitors, no deadlines, no money, no radio – quiet family time, creative time, spreading kindness, discovering news things. It will do.

As for creativity and pottery and poetry. We were working to a schedule that included getting some larger, new pieces for an exhibition at Tighnabruaich Gallery that was going to run alongside the Fife Regatta – not something I was aware of before, but they are the most beautiful boats. The regatta itself is cancelled now, but we decided to go ahead and create anyway, as we had done the thinking and the planning and the ideas were now there, waiting to be made. You can see the beginnings of some of the work here. Stay tuned for the finished pieces. We’re not sure yet how they will be exhibited or when, but the creating of them has been good. Chris wrote some new poetry for the pieces too so that gives me some new words to share with you all. 

Meanwhile, we wish you well, and hope that you are staying safe and finding some good moments to get you through these strange days too.

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