​Very often a little red boat sails by our house with fishing nets and seagulls in tow. It belongs along Loch Long in Ardentinny and has been a feature of our lives here for many years and so it has of course found its way into my pottery. First thing is to roll out the clay thin enough to fit into a frame once finished. The boat and the seagulls are marked in with a knife and the waves a stamp or fabric.


​The pieces as you can see are laid out on plasterboard and newspaper and with another layer of paper then board on top to help them stay flat. Once dry they can go in the kiln for their first firing of 1100 degrees. I can then glaze them which is the fun bit, splashes of blues and greens along with the red of course and once fired again they can be framed and labelled and ready to go.


​And here’s the real thing…


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