We are a small business, officially just the two of us. However, there’s so much more behind the scenes.

Business Gateway are available for training and chats from beginning through development through to big stuff like exporting.

The Design Trust are amazing in their insights into creative businesses, wonderful monthly updates and courses you can sign up to.

Friends are amazing – encouraging us at the beginning and buying our work when it was early days, and keeping going with their shares and likes.

Family – so wonderful. Not just looking after us when we’re tired but also sharing skills – both pottery and technical, and also photography and social media.

Shops and galleries – so supportive, not just in sales but in promotion, encouragement, customer engagement. Some have been our allies for years.

Event organisers – they do such a tremendous job!

and you…

Thank you for reading! Thank you for taking part in what we do. For sharing, liking, buying what we make. Turning up at our events and fairs. Taking an interest in what we do.

We really wouldn’t be able to do this on our own..


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