Time to take stock…

In creating this new website, we moved some old blogs articles and it felt quite nostalgic looking back to when we first started, working out of our old cellar, developing business and pottery skills with Pauline – and now, here we are, Chris and I working together on our business at home and making ends meet…

It’s amazing to look back at how things have developed and we feel so blessed to be giving this a go. We are hoping though to build on our sales, to be ready to take on another exhibition if the chance arose, to look for more opportunities to work on larger commissions. It’s quite exciting really to be ready for those things. We were disappointed recently not to get the chance to take on an artist residency we saw advertised for the summer – but exciting just entertaining the possibility – who knows what the future holds.

So, step one, improve the website and update the Etsy shop (ongoing).

Step two, build another polytunnel to make ourselves as self-sustainable as possible and keep our bills down (done).

Step three, contact some more galleries and shops that might want to stock our work (on going)

Step four, keep our eyes peeled for more opportunities to develop what we do (on going).

Step five, sort out new chicken coop (done).

And step six, speak nicely to our friends and followers – without your support, we wouldn’t be doing this – every like on facebook, every share, every kind word about what we make – it keeps us going! Thank you for your orders and purchases and thank you to the galleries for supporting us – but thank you too for all the other ways you support us – we couldn’t do it without you!


Now for the next leg of the journey…

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