This time of year we often find ourselves taking stock – taking stock to shops and galleries that is! But most of the Christmas madness is already over for us as orders have to be completed well before Christmas, so there is time for the other kind of taking stock…

Inevitably this includes thinking about some of the lovely things we have been part of over the last year; workshops, exhibitions, collaborations. One of the most recent ones was with Scottish Wild Picnics, with whom we put together a full day of pottery, with superb food and hot chocolates around a hot fire. The photo’s do not do it justice.



This was so lovely that we intend to do it again in the springtime. Watch this space…



As autumn unfolds to winter, things become less busy in the studio. Many galleries close for a while, giving their hard-pressed curators some time for rest. For us, this is precious time to think, to create new things. We hope to use it well, because there are always distractions…


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