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New Year…

It’s a couple of weeks in, but it’s time to review our last year and look forward into the coming year… Starting with the realisation that I was months behind with the year’s accounts! Chris says watching me do the accounts was funny – swinging from doom to joy to doom to joy as I put all the pieces together. All in all, we’re doing ok… paying the bills, but nothing extra, but we are living the life we chose and loving it.


We thank you all so much for your support – comments and likes on social media, coming along to any events, taking part in workshops and purchasing our pottery. It makes all the difference to us.

Today, I met with two friends who also run creative businesses. Together we looked at the Design Trust worksheets as we do every year. Reflecting on last year and creatively planning next year. It’s great to share the thoughts and ideas. We can remind one another of our achievements and help to bounce ideas around about any solutions needed for challenges. It helps put things in perspective and reminds me of the good things as well as the things that need tackling… like the exhibition, the wonderful commissions we’ve been a part of, the joy of working together at home…

One of the topics we talked about was the need to still be creative – in the way of doing something new, pushing boundaries and creating something just for fun. We talked about many ideas but my choice is to find a bit of creative time outside of the pottery doing some sketching – I feel a bit vulnerable but will sometimes post a picture on social media, keep a look out! More exciting though might be the chance to work collaboratively with Chris and two close friends who are artists and musicians… pottery, poetry, art and music… let’s hope we can make a plan and make it happen! In fact, I’m away to email them now and get those ideas bouncing….

You can find the worksheets here… I’d highly recommend them…

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