Chris and I started our poetry and pottery business without any formal qualifications in our chosen artistic pursuits (English or ceramics.) This meant lots of trying, failing and experimenting but also lots of support and encouragement and tips along the way from others. We are so thankful to friends and family who have believed in us, to galleries and to fellow artists who encourage and inspire us.  How else do we learn if not from each other?


We love is to pass this on when we can – to see others exploring, creating, learning and surprising themselves. We run workshops in both pottery and poetry – or sometimes a combination of the two, which we love. Chris has also curated two books of other people’s poetry, giving many poets their first taste of publication, which he sees as a massive privilege.




There is some information here about our upcoming workshops... making some wee sculptures, a day of beach-combing, poetry and pottery, a beginners’ course, a workshop to make some whisky tumblers… We’d love to see you here. Clay is so therapeutic and we have a cosy garden workshop with a log burner and a kettle. As well as the planned workshops, we also take bookings for family groups, hen parties, team meetings or a group of pals just wanting an evening out doing something creative. Let us know your own ideas.




But I also want to let you know that we can sometimes hire out studio and kiln space to those of you keen to START your own creative hobby or business. We love seeing what others create – It may be from the same substance (clay) but what a variety of design and style is possible. It’s also fun opening the kiln to be surprised (in a good way!) by other people’s range of colours. If you fancy being a part of the gang, give us a shout – or if you aren’t local, maybe find out what is happening in your area.


As well as the creative side of what we do, there is also the less exciting, but essential, business of running a business. It can also help to share this process so we meet with others to review and plan and have even arranged a virtual group for encouraging one another to getting our tax returns done in April this year!


Small businesses are about relationships. How else could they succeed?







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