Our wee pottery is often the site for beginners and experimenters and potters without their own space. We also go out and about running workshops and bring the pots back to the pottery to dry and fire. It leads to a real mixture of clays and styles and colours drying on the shelves and emerging from the kiln, which is good fun and often inspiring. We all learn from one another as folks explore and share ideas….

​One of the lovely things about pottery – or any other craft probably – is that each person starts with the same materials, same tools, same tutor even and yet they create something quite unique and individual, reflecting their character and inspiration even if they can’t put words to that. It’s a joy to see and one of the reasons I love teaching pottery to beginners, seeing that style and creativity emerge.

Recently, we have had a newbie (I won’t name him or he’ll be embarrassed) – by trade he is an engineer and has got involved in art as a hobby. After watching the Great Pottery Throwdown, like many others he was keen to have a go himself and got in touch. After an introductory lesson with clay, a go on the wheel and lots of you tube viewing, off he went… and look at the results…


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