This is my third attempt at a very large bowl. Once I finished putting the lettering and the textures and lines in, it went into a large mould and is drying nicely. The rocks and pine cone created textures for the bowl. I’ll be posting pictures once it’s finished.

It’s my third attempt because the first two went badly wrong. I made a large bowl with a thin slab of clay and it dried and fired beautifully but warped in the glaze firing.

After sulking for a while, I made some trials with smaller bowls, which also sometimes warp, by using thicker slabs of clay. I don’t enjoy it as much but at least there are less ‘seconds’.

So, time to try the large bowl again, this time with thicker clay and a lovely ring base..

And still it slumped! No longer a bowl, more of a wobbly platter! I asked a fellow potter for advice and she suggested less glaze on the edges and then firing the bowl upside down.. So, that’s what I’m going to try! Wish me luck.


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