Here are a few ideas for gifts for teachers as we draw to the end of term here in Scotland (although English teachers deserve thanks too!)

I have had a few conversations in the last week about buying a gift to say thank you to the teacher, and it set me thinking. When I was little, a bunch of bluebells or catkins was what our teachers use to get – we received some hedgerow flowers recently following the death of Chris’s sister and they were beautiful, but perhaps there is ony so much room for flowers in your teachers house…

If, you want to gift something longer-lasting, perhaps we can help.

These jars of love contain tiny-weeny ceramic hearts, a little treasure. See the wee jars here…

Some people have already ordered these ‘words to see you through the week.’ We have set this up so you can choose words for your teacher – or we can choose them for you. In fact, we have just recieved this from a satisfied customer;
“I was just looking over my “words to see you through the week before sending them on to my son’s teacher – a perfect selection of words, thank you!”

Our poetry plaques are very popular too – each one is unique so perhaps can might see one here that would be meaningful to your teacher?

We have a range of prices so do have a browse at the website shop and the other thing we can offeris a voucher – that way your teacher can choose their own gift or book themselves in for a potterysession once we are up and running again!

We can post out orders for free or arrange collection if you are local.
Enjoy browsing – and a big thank you to all the teachers out there!

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