It’s lovely when shops, galleries and individuals want to buy or stock our goods. Sometimes they are withing striking distance and I can deliver them – like today. heading out over a very blustery Clyde to the Seagull Gallery with some wave pictures.They were an order for one of her customers who wanted four along one wall in her house – I hope we might get a picture to see how they look in position.

Sometimes though I need to post things out – what a worry that can be and how relieved I am to hear that things have survived in tact. One piece recently didn’t make it and their replacement piece is being fired and glazed today. Usually they do though – with copious amounts of bubble-wrap, sellotape and newspaper or straw being used and large red-lettered ‘fragile’ tape wound around the parcel.

Recently I was asked to make a very special picture for a wedding gift – you can see it in the picture below. I even put bubble-wrap inside the picture between the ceramics and the glass. I was so pleased the buyer liked it and it arrived unscathed.

Still, it is all part of the business and I have learned a lot over the years about every aspect of business – from ceramics to accounting to labelling and packaging – long may the exciting journey continue.

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