Last week, we did a giveaway, which we do every now and the on social media as a thank you. This time, we offered a ‘driftword’ along with some thoughts about having a ‘word for the year’ and about thinking on New Year Graces rather than New Year Resolutions..

Wow, what beautiful connections we made with those thoughts! We had so many messages and comments on both facebook and instagram with thoughts, with stories, with gratitude. It all came flooding in as we drove down to England to Chris’s Mum’s funeral. We felt such connection with so many lovely people.

The winner on instagram was a fellow potter, not one we know, so it’s been lovely to make that connection. And on instagram the name out of the hat was actually one of our neighbours! We’ve had a lovely chat about how life has been for the last while.

We send out a seatree goodie with the giveaway and we cover the postage – and it’s worth every penny.

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