​I have been working on these pieces for some time, experimenting with shapes and colours. It has been in turn joyful, frustrating and freeing. The three shapes I am staying with is the wavy plate, the oval planter and the cylindrical vase as pictured. The lines reflect the shorelines here, especially as the tide goes out and leaves lines of seaweed, shiny shells and small rockpools – such a peaceful moment in time.


​Before making the vase into a 3D piece, I roll it out and cut a fairly rectangular shape with one straight edge and one that just neatens the raw edge of the clay however it has taken shape as I roll it out. Once it is dry enough I start making my marks in the clay – some lines with slip, some lines scored into the clay and some shapes added to the clay before then adding the poetry. The clay is then shaped around a circular base and sealed to make a vase. The slip I am using o make the lines is blue but once wiped with a black underglaze it takes on a lovely soft grey hue while the letters keep their clearly defined shapes.


​One of the best bits will have to left to your imagination as it is so dark I can’t get it to show up on a photograph! I have been making my own glazes and have managed to create (twice now so here’s hoping I have cracked it) a beautiful and rich dark blue glaze which I am now using on the inside of the vases. It is almost reflective, like looking into a deep pool. Maybe you can come along and see one in person…

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