I have just listened to Woman’s Hour with a discussion about new year resolutions – and how this year of all years we need to be kind to ourselves, so what are the new year graces for this year..? Great question!

I love making these wee bud vases and other seatree pieces with single words – each word is taken from Chris’s poetry so keep it connected, even if it’s not obvious. I also make the ‘words to see you through the week’, seven hearts in a box with seven words – ones that we choose for you or that you select for yourself. It’s always lovely to hear why people choose the words they do, for themselves or for others.

Also, each year, I have been trying to set a word for the year – last year was ‘brave’ – this year is ‘light’. I’ve bene thinking about being a light to others, about looking for light but also – my new year’s grace – accepting light, feeling light, letting go..

What is your grace word for 2022?

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