We are always growing and developing what we do, but what has stuck for many years now is our colour scheme and logo, used in paperwork and on the website, as well as leaflets, business cards and labels. So, I wanted to give a shout out to Enterprize web Design and Print Ltd in Lancashire, a small business run by friends (full disclosure!).

Andy sat with us to create our first website and our logo. The colour is based on the paint colour of our dining room walls! It was easier to point to that than it was to try and describe the blue/green/grey that we liked and it gave Andy a starting point. The idea of branding and all that seems a long way from making pottery, but actually having something to stand with over time really helped. At the time, ‘seatree’ seemed like something largely intangible, more a matter of hope and aspiration than real. Somehow having a logo really helped!

We’d recommend Andy and David for getting you started too. They are able not only to set up a website, but then support you to manage your web presence going forward. Andy is a brilliant photographer too, which is another one of those essential skills necessary for getting your stuff to look right…

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