​ A popular little pot that we make are the sea creature pots. They are fun to make, if a little fiddly. Making pinch pots is an ancient pottery technique and one that lives on. A ball of clay, once kneaded, is rolled into a ball and using thumb, forefingers and palm of hand is shaped into a wee pot. I make these nesting pots by measuring out the clay.

Decorating the pots

​The pots are shaped and left to dry for a little while before smoothing and before I add in the wee creatures – fish, jellyfish and starfish. According to my marine obsessive son the jelly fish are not anatomically accurate, being a mixture of the body of one and the tentacles of another. I could remedy that in my next batch, although the colours presumably aren’t accurate either…


Pottery workshops


​My latest pots were made during a workshop with these two lovely women. They were concentrating so hard that I had the chance to make my own alongside theirs. Our pots are just fired and waiting to be glazed.

I ran a workshop recently too with a great bunch of young people at the Help Project in Dunoon. These are the pots they made together which show great promise I think. I am looking forward to doing more pottery with them soon.


Hey Clay!

​Another recent workshop was Hey Clay! which is a national event one weekend every year organised by the Craft Council. Our doors were opened for two days and over thirty folks came along for a taster session in pottery. Here are some of the pots made…


​ Such a simple pot and yet can be created and taken in any direction…

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