We decided a little while ago to make something extra with our ceramics, something to make our poetry available more widely. It’s the poetry that appeals to many folk. A little while ago, we took a free appointment with google for advice on the internet and social media – I was wondering how to appear higher in searches for Scottish pottery – but very quickly, we realised that that isn’t what we want to be found for. To quote the lovely google mentor, clay is our medium, not our product. In general, she was right! It felt like quite a freedom to see our work that way.

So, anyway, the cards grew from that idea. We are selling them in packs of five, each one different within the pack. We did one batch and have just had another batch printed with some of the popular ones from the last batch and some new ones. Each image is a close up of one of our poetry plaques.

Here is a snapshot of the new batch which will soon be listed on our website, later today in fact!



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