We are doing a community project as part of our local village festival. That is what this wee video is all about…

For those of you who need to know, these are the other instructions;

Pinch some pottery! It’s simple! Take the ball of clay and briefly roll it back into a ball if it has got squashed. It’s like making a snowball.

Then, hold the ball in the palm of your hand and press into the middle with your thumb of your other hand. Now your job is to make it thinner. Using your thumb in the middle and your fingers on the outside, pinch the clay to make the walls thinner. Aim for 5mm or less, all over, including the base.

You can decorate the edge or the sides with a fork, a pinecone or make dots or lines with a blunt pencil – or use your imagination! You can press in small leaves or petals – they will burn off in the kiln and leave a pattern. It’s all an experiment for you, so there are no guarantees but it’s fun trying!

Please return with your name and phone number written or taped onto the bag.

Leave on the garden picnic table or give us a shout if we’re in the studio. Please don’t bring a dog into the garden as we have free-range chooks. It would be good to bring your pot back as soon as possible, because when clay dries it becomes quite fragile.

Your pot will be fired and will be glazed with a clear glaze on the inside.

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