t feels very adventurous that we are now selling over the border in England! Gallery Forty-Nine looks gorgeous and I hope we get to visit one day in the lovely old market town of Bridligton on the Yorkshire coast. We have such an affinity with that coast – it is where we spent our honeymoon as we loved the area – such beautiful coastlines and sunsets and good fish and chips. We have sent a package of goodies to them – mainly fishies as they are by the sea and hope that this is what customers will find appealing.

​It is always such a mix of feelings when we start selling somewhere new: it is very exciting, it is humbling that someone likes our products, there is the pressured feeling of getting it all right and the relief of getting things delivered or posted. Then you have to wait and see. Each are we sell in will be different – depending on the shop style and on the area. We are learning all the time and so thankful for the encouragement of the shops and galleries that sell for us. So, we hope Yorkshire visitors like our sea blues and shoals of fish…


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