ble to make stuff is one thing – it’s fun learning and creating and developing ideas – but the whole business development stuff is another things altogether! It’s not easy shouting, “look at me!” It’s wonderful when people buy something that we make because they like it and we know it will bring enjoyment – but it’s hard getting the message out there when we’re shy! So, while learning accounts and organisation isn’t much fun, it’s been a relief to realise that we can apply some creativity to the whole marketing side of things….. read more below…


A social enterprise company called Enterprize Web Design and Print (EWDP) have been so helpful – even photographing our dining room walls as a base colour for our designs – and putting up with our ‘that’s not quite right’ even though we didn’t know how to describe what was ‘quite right’ till we saw it…

The website, labels and business cards now all tie in. The wee labels were made for our fishes, with a typeface to match the lettering used on our poems and ceramic labels – and good colours, eh? The business cards are great too – it just seems that taking a selfie, keeping it in focus and smiling all at the same time isn’t that easy!

It feels now when packaging things up that we have created something more than some lovely but random items – that we have an ‘us’ – that Seatree has a colour, a shape, something more tangible. I don’t think I realised it would feel like that – what a difference it makes to seeing the way forward in both our creativity and our business development.

And if you are curious – our dining room paint is now the background colour on the business cards!

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