It’s not pottery, but it is all part of the same story. We aim to live as sustainably as possible and rehoming caged chooks is one of the ways we do this. Here are two exploring our pond today, finding freedom in our rambling garden. It’s a joy to see. And we get lots of eggs!

At Potfest last weekend, an elderly gentleman came to see our stall and then to chat. He said he loved our work and we had a great chat about all things pottery. As he left, I said, “thank you for your kind words” and he walked back, and said, “I was not being kind, you work is true and authentic.”  What a lovely thing to hear. It’s all connected – being open to our lives here and experiences, being truthful that life is not always perfect, keeping things as simple as possible and sharing the joys as they come, knowing they may be fleeting gifts, like the scent of roses..

It’s all connected.. a simple life and honest pots…

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