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New collection- seatree elemental!

We are very excited to  be finalyl able to make our big announcement! Over the last few months, we have been working on a new collection of ceramics, which we are calling ‘seatree elemental’.  This collection takes a brand new direction, whilst still retaining a lot of what we love about our work. ‘Seatree elemental’ […]

Seatree patreon…

A few months ago, Michaela listened to one of those business webinar things aimed at small creative businesses, where they were talking about different ways for artists like us to make a living from what we create. The idea was that we could use Patreon as an exchange, in which people give monthly support in […]

Coming soon, seatree elemental!

Over the last few months, we have been working on a different range of ceramics. This has involved lots of experiments, with the inevitable successes and failures that always come with working with new forms of ceramics. I say ‘we’, but this has been a project mostly followed by Chris, with our son-in-law James as […]

Chris’s daily advent posts…

Most years, Chris has written a daily advent meditation on the lead up to Christmas. It is his way of pacing himself into winter and seeking to be more mindful and connected. If you already love his poetry then you might be interested in following his blog, over at www.thisfragiletent.com.  Here is a sneak preview […]

The creative life (reblog from thisfragiletent)

We are just back from a trip down to East Anglia, where we were exhibitors at the first ever Potfest at Haughley Park. It was a trip full of sunshine, friendship (with the community of potters who come together for these events) and thankfully, sales which paid for the trip and will pay our bills […]

Some poetry…

Chris participated in a zoom reading with a couple of friends the other night to mark National Poetry day. It was a lovely evening, full of those tender moments that only poetry can bring. It was recorded, so if you fancy dipping in to some poetry, I’ve posted them here. Chris was reading poems (mostly) […]

Advent countdown over on TFT…

  For those who love Chris’s poetry, you may be interested in following an advent countdown over on his blog,  here. This is a collaborative effort, featuring poetry and writing by lots of guests. The way Chris puts it is something like this; Today is the first day of advent. Here on TFT we notice […]

Keeping sane and healthy in an age of Pandemic…

Chris used to be a mental health professional and Michaela was formerly a counsellor, so mental wellbeing has always been part of our thinking at Seatree. This is a re-post from Chris’s blog (www.thisfragiletent.com), as we wondered whether it might be helpful to other frustrated and stressed creatives out there.   Understandably, there is a […]