Workshop in a Tin


A chance to work on a ceramic picture of your own! This really is a workshop in a tin, with full instructions and raw clay straight to your door.


Make whatever kind of picture you like. A poem of your own perhaps? Anything that is flat enough to fit back in the tin to post back!


Please note; we have a large number of ‘tins’ in ciruclation at any one time, so the number available for order goes up and down constantly. If you get an ‘out of stock’ warning, drop us a line. A tin will be available very soon!


If you would like to order multiples (perhaps for an event, birthday, wedding etc) then please get in touch with as much notice as you can and we will do our best to help.

In stock



We love running workshops – there is nothing quite like sharing the feelings and sensations of working with clay with people for the first time. We love the variety of what people can create with the same raw material. Michaela normally spends a lot of time running courses, both here at the studio and in the community.

Of course, these are no longer normal times. Our workshops have had to stop, at least for a while. But then we had an idea.


NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE is needed, or any special tools. We can help you find everything you might need around the house or garden.


This tin contains the following;

  1. A slab of raw clay, sealed in a (reusable) plastic bag. (Clay is about 20 cm by 15cm)
  2. Instructions over how you might choose to work the clay in to something unique
  3. A piece of cloth to work the clay on
  4. Some spacers to keep everything flat and safe in the post (please do not add any other tape/packing- this should be enough.)

The price includes posting the tin to you, all kiln firings, glazing and posting the final piece back to you.

How it works;

  • You order a Workshop in a Tin and we post it out to you.

  • You have fun with the clay, making a panel/picture

    (You can contact us for advice if you need to)

  • You put the clay back in the pastic bag and post the tin back to us (in the box we sent it in!)

  • We trim the clay, dry it out then fire it

  • We then highlight the work you have done with underglazes and a transparent overglaze.

  • We attach a hanging hook on the back

NB we can frame it for you if you would prefer. If so, let us know and we will contact you with prices.