our philosophy

Seatree is an on-going experiment in living creatively

In 2016 we quit our old jobs to try to make a living from art. Despite the years of hard work developing our business, we have no regrets; in fact we count it as a daily privilege that we can still pursue a creative path and we are so grateful for those who have invested in us and supported our work.

‘blessed are you as you reach for love for it reaches for you.’

Growing our own

Alongside all this we keep chickens and grow as much food as we can. The land our house is built on runs down into an area of ancient woodland and we are fascinated by permaculture and food-forest gardening.

simply sustainable

Seatree is an on-going experiment in living simply and sustainably.

We want to live a life that is sustainable and to walk lightly on this planet.  In practice, this has meant living more simply, making fewer and more careful consumer choices, wasting as little as possible, living on much less, making/repurposing what we can rather than buying new, exchanging and bartering, growing as much of our food as we can and embracing permaculture.

‘every leaf and every tree grows in you and grows in me’

our location

We are inspired by our location.

Much of what we make is shaped by where we live – the West Coast of Scotland is perhaps the most beautiful place in the world, with its combination of mountain, loch, ancient forest, islands and wild seas. From this comes the colours we use, and the poetry that pours into us and then out the other side.

everything belongs

We believe that everything is spiritual.

All of us are on a search for meaning, and our art is both our spiritual practice and the language that allows us to describe our journey. We can offer no simple certainties, just a pilgrim’s search and occasional transcendent moments of connection which we half-glimpse then seek to shape into what we make together.

‘let’s find our feet in freedom and dance’

values matter

We believe that values matter.

This means being honest and fair, not pursuing short-term profit at all costs, working in partnerships, engaging with our community and seeking to help out and encourage others when we can.

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