Courses and workshops with seatree

We love to work with both individuals and groups to encourage creativity and self expression. Many of the courses and events we run are commissioned directly, so if you are interested in booking a course for yourself, your family, your friends, or your community group then the simplest way is to either give us a ring or to contact us here.

Both Michaela and Chris have extensive experience of working with groups, both as artists and in their former careers. Whether you are looking for a beginner’s course, something for the kids or poetry workshops, you will be in safe hands!



We can tailor our courses around your needs

Many of our courses and workshops have been arranged to suit the individuals and groups who have requested them. The maximum size for a group will normally be six, but we work with larger community groups creating fun activities.

Here are a few examples of workshops we can run;

  • Beginner’s course; three workshops covering basic introduction to working with clay; preparation, handling, firing, glazing.
  • Full day courses; we can plan a day for complete beginners, or for those interested in furthering their skills. In a day you will typically be able to do some work on textures and techniques then try them out on at least one piece.
  • Half day/evening courses; We tend to plan these around specific projects; creating a mug, a wind chime, pinch pots or something of your choice.
  • Family celebrations; Get the family together and make something together. Perhaps a mosaic marking a significant event? We can fire, glaze and frame your work to make something that will last.
  • Poetry workshops; Take some time out to immerse yourself in words. Typically this will involve reading, talking about the shape of poetry, writing and sharing.
  • Poetry and clay; A day exploring words and putting them into clay. This is something we specialise in and so it seemed an obvious thing to share with others.


Upcoming workshops

We are just planning a new workshop schedule for 2019, but that does not mean that you have to wait until then. As well as being able to tailor things around you, we have the following thing either happening or about to happen;

Taster sessions – hand building or surface decoration. £20

Evening workshops-  Make a piece to be proud of. First Friday of every month. £25


Ten week pottery course. £225 (£25  a session, one week free.)


Kids and clay (primary school age) £10 a session. Fridays from 4 to 5.30.

Teen times (secondary school age) £10 a session. Saturdays 10.00-12.00 noon.



IN THE PIPELINE… We are planning these things- more information to come.


A day of pottery and food with Scottish Wild Picnics

Words and clay. A day to craft poetry and incorporate your words into your own piece of pottery.


For more information- get in touch, either using our contact page

or by telephone (01369 830625).

Or you could come and see us- Southview, Wyndham Road, Innellan, Argyll, PA23 7SH