Poetry plaque (perfect prisms)


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Ceramic plaque with suspension system that allows it to be hung on the wall. Each plaque is a one-off, and incorporates original poetry.

14cm by 9.5 cm.


Our poetry plaques are a firm favourite with galleries we work with. They contain the best of seatree, but in a post-card sized package. As described above, each plaque is a one off. Even when we inadvertently reuse an idea, the design will not be the same. Each one is a work of art and we love making them.

We start with a slab of clay, cut to a uniform size. We will take a line or two of poetry and play allow it to become an idea, sketching out some lines and shapes that the words suggest. The clay slab is then air dried, before it is given its first (biscuit) firing to around 1100 degrees C. (There are sometimes failings during this first firing – breakages, cracks or warping.)

Next, comes glazing. We use different glazes, both under glazes and over glazes. These are applied with brushes and sponges. Some plaques are given a clear overglaze because it feels ‘right’, whilst others are left with areas of exposed fired clay. Then they go back in to the kiln for a second firing to fuse the glaze. Again, we can have firing failures at this stage.

Finally we come to the finishing. Not all plaques will pass inspection- some ideas, once submitted to glaze, will not have been fully realised- others will have imperfections. Those that we like will have a handing system glued to the back, which in practice means a block of sanded wood, with a picture hanging hook. We designed this system to mean that you can not see the hook, and the plaque stands slightly off the wall, creating a shadow gap.

We love making them. We hope you will find one just right for you…