Poetry picture (open the sky)


Ceramic picture

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Ceramic picture with original poetry in hand made frame (painted and waxed)

The raw clay is shaped and decorated with slips, then bisque fired, before a second firing with overglazes. This picture has also been highlighted with silver leaf after firing.

19cm square.

This beautiful picture came out of the kiln with cries of “Wow”. The combinations of slips and glazes had come together to create something special; a dramatic night sky above a mountain skyline.

The poem used is one from an advent project. This one;


Open the sky


Open the sky and let some light in

Let this night be night no longer

Let stars shine down in shafts of love

Illuminating the ordinary things

All down with dirt and common use

Let donkeys laugh out loud

For now the basest things

Are all silvered up in grace

Lubricated with kindness

For he is coming


Not to penthouses, or to plump our cushions of comfort

Or to stroke the fragile ego of celebrity

Not to strengthen the armies of the powerful

Or to expand their empty empires

Not to shape a new cathedral from seductive certainty

Or to doctor our old doctrines


He is not coming to the exclusive religious few

But to you;

The mess of you

All your brokenness

All your failure

He comes in the certain knowledge that

You will fail again


So open the sky and

let some light in


Chris Goan