Poetry picture (The quiet space between snowflakes)


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Large ceramic picture with original poetry, in a hand made wooden frame.

The piece has been hand made using underglazes and oxides to fill in marks made in wet clay. It was then subtly changed with the addition of small amounts of over glaze to create shiny and matt areas over the whole piece.

41cm by 35.5cm

This picture features some words from a poem written in those days heading towards Christmas, from this poem;


Peace be with us


In the quiet space between snowflakes

We listen to sad songs, and

Feel the prickle of tears, pushed

By beautiful broken things

Less than half-perceived

But never forgotten


In the warm space you made for me

I hide, guilty for those we left outside

Wishing our table was bigger

That every mouth was filled

Every refugee was home

Like we are. Hoping that


In the dark space between all those twinkling lights

Peace is waiting

Like scented water

Fingered by frost and ready to fall –

Ready to anoint our dirty old ground

Like Emmanuel