Poetry picture (among the thorns)


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Ceramic poetry picture with original poetry in a hand made frame (painted and waxed)

26cm square


This picture gave Michaela a chance to ‘draw’ in to the clay, creating a network of leaves and thorns in which the bird can sing. It was created using underglazes, literally painted on to inscribed bisque-fired clay. The effect is very lovely.

The poem used here is one written for an advent project (which became this book). The poem is below.





A gnarled thicket, scratched in a fragile place

Between hard rock and thin desert soil.

Once wounded, the bleeding sap

Anoints the corpse

Of kings.

Every seed contains not just beginning

It also holds an end to come.


For the tallest tree must fall

A day must come when even strongest hearts

Can beat no more.

Every light must be extinguished

Every star will fade.

Even this love, now lava hot

Will cool again to stone.


Amongst the thorns, a bird sings

For life is not just a sum of years

It dances wild in these barren places

Where love lies.

Where you are.


So sing, beautiful creature –