Poetry picture (first snows)


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Ceramic picture with original poetry in a hand made frame (painted and waxed)

16.5cm square

This picture features a poem written many years ago, looking across the loch towards hills that had been transformed by the first snow of an approaching winter. The sun had broken through and what had previously been dull and brown was now alive with light, as if annointed.

The full poem goes like this;


First snows

The first snows of winter bring their blessing
To the hills across the loch.
Yesterday was grey and brown
Now blue-white crystal and pure.

Soon it will be gone
Rain will bring decay
Rending white all mottled brown
Until the snow, all rotten
Is released
Worming down into dark earth.

But for now, my eyes are drawn to high lands
Captured by reflected sun,
Sparkling, showing no shadow.
Driving out the dark things of the winter
Dressing up light for the dancing
And leading me on.

Dressing up light for the dancing
Then gone.


Chris Goan