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Poetry bowl (spring trees)


This lovely bow incorporates original poetry by Chris.

The wet clay is rolled out to the correct thickness and the design is drawn on, along with the hand-stamped letters. For the first drying stage the bowl is dried in a mold while protected so it doesn’t dry to quickly and crack. Once it has started drying it is taken out of the bowl, very carefully as this is when it is at it’s most delicate. Once finally dry the bowl is fired then glazed and fired again.

The poem featured in this bowl is one that has become a favourite. Here it is in full;


“Brown tea


There is a goodness that rises like

Sap in spring trees

In you and even

In me


Rising like salt tears

As something

Is wrenched and torn

By a glimpse of the pain

Behind your smile


It is there in the small things

The turning of tide of the day from

Broken ebb

To tip toe flow


And the alchemy

Of brown tea

Mixed in steaming water”


The bowl has a 17.5 cm diameter.

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