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Emily’s vibrant ‘top hat’ planter


Large planter, glazed in an explosion of yellow and blue.

Ideal for planter to contain potted indoor plants.

17.5 cm high, 15.5cm diameter




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Seatree has a guest potter! Our daughter Emily is developing her claycraft and we are delighted to be able to offer some of her wares on our website.

We love the way that people bring their own personalities to the potting process, and these pots are very different in style to seatree’s work, with bright colours and Emily’s focus on tiny details. We hope you like them as much as we do…

This vibrant planter is a wash of blue and yellow with lots of texture within. It is bright and really compliments any plant you might like to put in it.
To create this pattern first the yellow glaze was put on the bottom half. Then a mix of different glazes which contain crystals that “pop” when heated up in the kiln. A clear glaze was then put over that to help the two mix.